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Which Canon Digital Cameras Are Best For You? Feature Packed DSLR or Convenient PowerShot?

Canon digital cameras can be found in most electronics stores these days and the competition amongst Canon and the other digital camera makers is getting tougher each day.

Deciding which digital camera brand is right for you is already difficult considering the different styles that are offered. But what really matters is what you need it for and what features does it contain.

Canon is one company that has been making cameras ever since film photography took centre stage and now they've taken the initiative to be the best digital camera makers for both average consumers and professionals.

But in order to fully take advantage of Canon’s technologies, you need to first find the model that best fits your needs.

Did you know that a popular mis-spelling commonly used when people search for this company is Cannon digital cameras?

Best Rated Canon Digital Camera

PowerShot SD1100IS

Canon Digital Camera Systems

Canon digital cameras are basically divided into two types:
  • EOS (SLR) Camera System
  • PowerShot range
The EOS Camera System from Canon is a SLR (Single Lens Reflex) system. You can change lenses, flashes, add filters and totally customise your photographs. If you enjoy photography at any level, then this is a great camera system that will suit your needs.

Canon's PowerShot range allows you to 'point-and-shot' with your digital camera from beginner through to advanced.

Canon EOS Digital Camera Systems (DSLR)

Canon Rebel XSI Digital Camera
Digital Rebel XSi
The EOS series are all Digital SLR cameras that are made for the serious professional photographers or keen amateurs where detail is important.

These cameras shoot multiple frames per second and have advanced interchangeable lenses for taking really accurate shots with the best quality possible.

Some of the more expensive cameras have extremely high megapixel counts exceeding 20 megapixels making it great for printing on large mediums.

Some are also very rugged to take around with you for travelling. Many of them are also capable of taking high resolution video as well and have the same advanced DIGIC 4 or DIGIC III processor for enhancing the photos after each shot.

PowerShot A-Series Range - Fun and Easy

Canon PowerShot A480 Digital Camera
PowerShot A480
All the models in the A-Series are all simple point and shoot cameras which are best for first time digital camera users or people that don’t want to spend so much and want basic cameras.

There isn’t much to say about their style as they look like traditional cameras, but some of the newer ones like the PowerShot A480 have more colors to choose from.

The highest and newest model in the pack has plenty of nice features that even rival some of the midrange models. Most of the models house the DIGIC III processor which has some technologies including face and motion detection.

PowerShot Digital ELPH Range For Style and Performance

Canon PowerShot ELPH SD780IS Digital Camera
PowerShot SD780IS
The SD-Series are slightly more expensive than the A-Series, but they pack more features yet still manage to be just as easy to use.

Regarding the design, most of the SD models have more compact designs making them a lot easier to carry around. Some new models like the PowerShot SD780IS also have plenty of impressive colors and styles to choose from.

Many of the higher end models are powered with the improved DIGIC 4 processor which has better contrast correction features and higher megapixel count.

PowerShot Advanced High-end Digital Cameras

Canon PowerShot G10 Digital Camera
Powershot G10
There aren’t many digital cameras in the advanced series and mostly include the SX series which have more powerful features than the others and the Powershot G10 which can be used underwater if you have the underwater casing.

Most of these cameras support the RAW format, have full 1080p HD resolution and very high optical zoom levels making it a fantastic choice for professionals that don’t need DSLR features.

All of the best features are contained in all these cameras and the most expensive model still manages to be cheaper than the cheapest Canon EOS DSLR model.

New PowerShot 'D' and 'E' Series

Canon PowerShot E1 Digital Camera
Powershot E1
Canon recently unveiled two new digital cameras each representing their own series.

The first one is the Powershot E1 which has a more rounded design separating it from the other digital cameras.

It sports pastel colors and impresses with features similar to the A-Series making it a decent point and click shooter.

Canon PowerShot D10 Digital Camera
PowerShot D10
The PowerShot D10 is built exclusively for adventurers and travelers that want to take their camera to all kinds of places including underwater because it is waterproof.

In addition, it is freezeproof and shockproof and has some powerful features that are normally found in the PowerShot SD cameras.

More About Canon Digital Cameras

Picking a Canon camera can still take a while because there are over 40 different models to choose from. But if you break them down into their series', you can easily decide which one fits your budget and suits your tastes.

There are lots of designs to choose from each having their own unique button layouts, yet still all manage to have the same familiar Canon interface that is intuitive to use.

Canon digital cameras are packed with all kinds of technologies that make them ahead of the competition.

Consumer Reviews Of Canon Digital Cameras

Share with us your Canon digital camera reviews. Your opinion matters because as a Canon digital camera owner, you can help other people decide about buying one. This page allows YOU to share your reviews, opinions and recommendations.

Have You Used A Canon Digital Camera?

What can you tell us about your experience? Share your review!

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