Canon PowerShot SD780IS

Canon PowerShot SD780IS

by Gary Baillie
(Newcastle, England)

The Canon PowerShot SD780IS is my second Canon digital camera and I´m still not disappointed. This new model is a tiny camera with a lot of power. I love Canon cameras for the lenses, and believe me I have tried other camera brands and Canon has beat them all by a lot.

I bought it for my wife to replace her Canon PowerShot SD100. The main difference is basically the Mega pixels, going from 3.1 to 12.1 is a lot.

I´m getting better pictures, zoom is better, camera has less noise when taking night pictures. What can I say, the menu is pretty much the same with a little bit more features, it supports other ISO modes, visual effects, manual and auto mode, great battery life, auto focus works great, it has the features we Canon lovers like.

I love her new camera, and believe me when I say I´m sticking with canon for a while.

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