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What Makes Female Photography So Appealing?

Female photography is everywhere. Wherever you are in the world...wherever you look, you will almost certainly see some form of photography with a female presence.

The fact is advertisers know that sex sells. Whether the female model is fully clothed or barely dressed, the adverts always look appealing.

The female form, figure and contour of a woman’s body is sensual and alluring in every way. Everything about it is hypnotic...the legs, the hair, the lips, the eyes. The photography doesn't have to be intimate glamour to be appealing.

Every small detail and curve of a woman's body draws the viewer’s eye further into the picture and entices the imagination to wander loosely.

When you start looking around, you find that women are being used everywhere in advertising...magazine covers, billboards, bus shelters.

They are used to advertise and sell nearly every product imaginable. From perfume, makeup and lingerie to cars and homes. You see a portrait of a beautiful woman with a fine figure being used to draw attention to the advertisement.

Getting back to the 'Female Body In Photography' side of things...women any shape or size can be made to look beautiful in front of the camera.

After all, female figure photography is an art form. The artist is the photographer and with the correct use of their camera, lighting and composition can produce some very creative, sexy and alluring, but equally tasteful pictures.

Share Your Favourite Female Photography Pictures

Share with us the beauty and creativity of your female photography. It's really easy to get started. What you need to do is write a few paragraphs about your picture. Anything goes as long as the picture and story are tasteful!

Here's a few pointers. What's your theme? Who's in the picture? What type of camera did you use? Why was the picture taken in that way?

The next thing that you need to do is think of a good title for your picture and story. Something like 'Enjoying The Tranquility'

All you need to do now is upload your picture and you're done!

What Other People Have Shared

Below you can see the female photography that other photographers have shared...

Don't Bite The Apple! 
I took this photograph two weeks ago after a long break with my girlfriend!! This is the first photo we took afterwards :):) What do you think!

Beautiful Irina 
This picture was taken with my Canon D400 in the Summer 2008. I took it in my studio at my home in St-Petersburg. This is one of my favourite photos of …

Beautiful Woman 
I think the look on this beautiful woman's face says it all. She is teasing me as I take the photograph. She is enjoying posing for my picture. She knows …

Blowing Kisses 
This was taken in August of this year, 2011. I was experimenting with taseful poses as I am new to this type of photography and this was my end result. …

Back is Beautiful! 
Normally people shoot women from the front or side, however I thought differently. A lady looking at something with her back to you is a beautiful look, …

Female Soldier  Not rated yet
I took this picture when I was doing a layout for a gun show. I used 5 different models and sold over 1500 posters that weekend.

Rustic Beauty Not rated yet
I just want to leave this picture to speak for itself. "Learn Photoshop Elements - YES You Can Master Elements In Just 2 Hours! See For Yourself... …

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