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Hi, I'm Mark McKnight. Would You Like To Know More About Me, My Passion For Digital Photography And Building Websites?

Mark McKnightOne of the main things about me is my big passion in life for digital photography.

I think it’s great fun!

My camera at the moment is a Canon 7D and I also use my older Canon 400D. They're are really impressive tools for creating superb pictures.

I’ve read many books on digital photography, but I find the best way to get to know your camera is trial and error.

Play with the settings. Take lots of pictures – you can always delete the bad ones afterwards.

Digital photography, for me, is a very rewarding hobby, but starting out can be a little daunting at first. Don't be afraid to learn...that's part of the fun!

Just experiment with different techniques until you become familiar with them. Soon, your skills will develop and you'll be taking superb, high quality pictures.

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