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Five Easy Photography Poses
Ideas And Tips For Posing Your Subject

I want to share with you five simple photography poses to perk up your shots. Creating a beautiful portrait is about more than just snapping the shutter or even getting the correct exposure and composition.

In order to create a pleasing portrait or any other picture with a person involved, you need to be adept at posing your subjects so they look their best.

You particularly want to pose them effectively to minimize flaws, whether real or perceived by the person, and to bring out their best features. There are dozens of great photography poses, but the best ones appear natural and relaxed.

Before I show you five easy poses that will improve your photography 100%, I want to introduce you to the book that I use when I want to find the best pose for my subject. It's called Posing Secrets: The Photographer's Essential Guide.

Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide By Malcolm Boone

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If you photograph people professionally or are a serious amateur, then Posing Secrets is for you. It shows you the best way to setup every type of pose. Whether you want full length shots, head shots, your model standing, sitting or laying on the floor, this eBook teaches you eveything.

Here's what one happy customer had to say:
"Malcolm's book is a no nonsense guide to posing a model. The book goes into great detail, not only posing the body but even foot and hand placement and what a huge difference this makes! I particularly liked the idea of visualizing my model as a silhouette - this takes away the distraction of everything except the form. Simple diagrams and straightforward language make it easy for non-techies like me to understand clearly."
Amanda -
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If you're not quite ready to jump into professional posing and want to try and master the basics of photography first, then maybe Digital Photo Success* is more suitable for you. It's a great starting point for beginner photographers.

Five Fast And Easy Photography Poses

Women Posing Casually With Her Hands In Her Pockets

Posing Casually With Hands In Pockets

Hands in pockets, with fingers in and thumbs out or thumbs in and fingers out. This pose is best done with the subject in a standing position and is a nice casual pose.

It works well for guys and girls of all ages and gives awkward subjects something to do with their hands when they don't know what to do.

Have the subject put his or her weight on one foot and bend the other leg just slightly for the best appearance. Just be sure the subject doesn't cram his or her entire hand down into the pocket, as that looks awkward.
Women With Both Hands On Her Hips
Photo by Steve Emberton

Standing With Both Hands On Hips

Steve says, "The image was taken in my London studio in the mid 70's. I was working in London as a freelance photographer and while most of my work came from the music and entertainment industry, I did some work for model agencies. This was taken using a Nikon F2 camera on Ilford B&W film. The image you see is from a scanned print".

This pose works particularly well for women, and if they happen to be a bit overweight, it's even better because it shows separation between the torso and arms, making the person appear more slender.

Again, have the subject stand with her weight on one foot and bend the other leg slightly at the knee. It works even more effectively to shave a few pounds off the model's appearance if you shoot the photo from slightly higher than floor level such as when standing on a short stepstool.
Young Girl Laying On Her Tummy On The Floor

Laying On The Floor On Your Tummy

A laying-on-the tummy photography pose is another great way to make someone who is a bit overweight seem a bit slimmer because the tummy itself is never seen at all.

This works particularly well for women, girls, and children. It can also work effectively for a man with a wife and small children if you pose him like this as the center of the composition and then pile the wife and kids around him for a casual family portrait.

For an individual woman, girl, or child, this pose usually involves having the subject bring their legs up behind them and cross them at the mid calf area. Then the photo can be shot from either a normal camera height or it can be shot from down low at about the subject's head height near the floor.

Young Boy Sitting On A Chair Backwards

Sitting Backwards On A Chair

A great pose for young guys and girls is to seat them on a chair backwards so they are straddling the chair and leaning forward onto the chair back with arms folded.

They can rest their arms on the chair back comfortably and it's a great looking pose. Just be sure the subject keeps a straight back so they don't looked hunched over.

Women Sitting On Chair Leaning On Her Knees
Copyright Photo by Remy Musser

Leaning Forward With Elbows On Knees

This is a great pose to use with guys, girls, men, women and even younger boys and girls. Although, it is masculine and casual, and it's a natural position for most guys, it can also be used for girls.

Seat the subject on a chair with legs spread and simply have the subject lean forward and put his or her elbows on their knees, lightly clasping their hands together. Be sure the subject keeps a relatively straight back, as a rounded back can look hunched in this pose, too. Then, get down close to the subject's head or chest level to take this shot. You could try looking at Brain Morrison's poses from

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