Canon 40D DSLR - I use it for landscape, nature & portrait shots

Canon 40D DSLR - I use it for landscape, nature & portrait shots

by Chris Salmon
(Richmond, VA)

I purchased my Canon 40D DSLR camera in April 0f 2008, and have been quite satisfied since. My main subjects are landscape, nature, and some portraiture.

From I ordered the kit which included the 28-135mm Canon lens, a decent all-around lens for wide angle nearby telephoto subjects. Since then I have acquired three additional lenses, the 55-250mm telephoto, the 50mm macro, and the 50mm wide aperture.

Although some third-party lenses are compatible, I have committed myself to Canon's own lenses, for better or worse. At 10.2 megapixels, the camera is just the right size, easy to handle, and it's image capabilities have not let me down.

As someone who shoots strictly in manual mode, I will not detail its automated functions, but half the battle, of course, is in the lenses.

The 50mm macro is great, with an aperture as low as 2.5, focusing from only six inches away. I have used it on countless close-ups, showing great detail, and a bumblebee never looked better. Highly recommended!

The 50mm wide aperture is my other favorite, quite fine for general use anywhere, opening up to an aperture of f1.4, so you can really get some light in. Both of these 50mm lenses have together done the majority of my shots so far.

The 28-135mm kit lens is generally used only when I need a wider angle, such as indoor shots. At the wide end it is just as crisp as the others, though the aperture is only as low as 5.6, and it is quite consistent until you reach the full telescopic end, where images are less sharp.

Same with the 55-250mm lens, with the far end certainly less sharp, but for the most part is a good lens to have around just in case there is something at a distance, as I rarely take zoom shots anyhow. Certainly a common problem with telephoto lenses, those who are serious will have to spend the big bucks on a sizable barrel.

My personal verdict, however, is that a Canon 40D DSLR coupled with the proper lens kit will not fail you for macro and other close shots, portraits, interior, and landscape images. A small complaint would only be that Canon's lens selection could have more variety, but I'm happy to have what I have right now.

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