Canon PowerShot S5IS - Crystal Clear Images

Canon PowerShot S5IS - Crystal Clear Images

by Roy Sanchez
(Central NJ)

Shot taken with the Canon PowerShot S5

Shot taken with the Canon PowerShot S5

The Canon PowerShot S5IS is a pretty impressive little camera. With fully automatic shooting through fully manual controls, this camera is well versed in almost all shooting conditions. With 8mp and an amazing 12x optical zoom you can catch any moment.

When shooting in good lighting situations, imperfections with this camera are impossible to detect. Images are crystal clear, bright, and easily focused.

However, as with any small sensor camera, lowlight situations are tricky. Image noise is painfully obvious at shots 200 ISO and above. Images become grainy and loose almost all detail.

Although the flash output on the Canon PowerShot S5IS digital camera can quickly save lowlight pictures. The flash on this camera has output settings that allow you to use the flash at fractions of its max, or at full capacity, and is quite useful.

The Canon PowerShot S5IS camera also has a good variety of accessories, such as filters and adaptive lens additions that can enhance your pictures. All lens additions require a lens hood adapter, which can be purchased fairly cheap at any camera store. All in all a very well versed little camera!

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