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Fuji Digital Cameras Reviewed - Finepix Pro Level DSLRs To Fashionable Point-and-Shoots

Fuji digital cameras span the broad spectrum from simple point-and-click devices ideal for casual use through to DSLR cameras that produce true professional quality photography.

Fujifilm was born over 75 years ago (as Fuji Photo Film Company, Limited) and is one of the largest established manufacturers of photography equipment worldwide.

While they specialize more in film and imaging technology, they also offer a comprehensive range of digital cameras for consumer use.

Best Rated Fuji Digital Camera

Fujifilm Finepix S8100FD 10MP Digital Camera

The Fuji Camera Series

Fujifilm Finepix S8100FD 10MP Digital Camera, 18x Image Stabilized Optical Zoom
Fujifilm Finepix S8100FD
One of the great things about Fujifilm is the diversity of their range of FinePix cameras. They’ve really thought about how different people use cameras in different ways, and they’ve created specialized options to reflect that.

They are known for producing compact and versatile cameras which can easily link up to other media such as computers or printers. There are six different series of digital cameras produced by Fuji. They break down like this:

The S Series are the top-range Fuji cameras – these are the ones you would be happy to use as a professional photographer. They provide the greatest detail and magnification for zooming, as well as high speed shooting for those who need to photograph objects in motion. This is important for photographers taking lots of frames in quick succession in situations like fashion shoots.

The Z Series is the range of cameras Fuji designed for their more fashion conscious users. Z Series cameras come in a range of appealing styles and bright colors. They also have features that make it easy to connect and upload video and image content to the web, so they’re ideal for the younger "plugged in" generation.

The F Series are designed more with the amateur user in mind, created to strike a balance between compactness and a wide range of features. In other words, if you want a lot of technology in a little package, you’ll be looking at F Series cameras.

If budget is a big consideration, you’ll be more interested in the J Series. These cameras are designed to give a level of basic functionality at an affordable price.

The XP Series is a new line of cameras from Fuji. This range is designed to appeal to active people who want to use their camera while on the go – these cameras include protection against damage from the elements, and they’re also better equipped to take a few hard knocks without giving up the ghost.

The A Series cameras are similar to the J Series, with the major difference being that these cameras run on AA batteries.

What Consumers Dislike About Fujifilm Cameras

One of the main criticisms of Fuji cameras is a low level of performance. This is largely due to the fact that the majority of Fujifilm’s cameras are designed to be compact and aren’t intended for professional use – for the purposes of the average casual user, the quality of photos you can create is satisfactory.

However, if you need professional or artistic quality, anything less than an S Series probably won’t meet your needs.

Top 5 Best Rated Fuji Digital Cameras

1) Fujifilm Finepix S8100FD - 10 Megapixel, 18x Wide-angle Optical Zoom, Dual Image Stabilization and 2.5 Inch Wide View LCD Display with Face Detection and Automatic Red Eye Removal.

2) Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera - Dual 10 MP CCD, 3.5 Inch Widescreen LCD and Mini HDMI output jack.

3) Fujifilm Finepix S200EXR - 12 Megapixel, 14.3x Image Stabilized Zoom with Pro Focus Mode and Pro Low-light Mode.

4) Fujifilm FinePix J150 - 10 Megapixel, 5x Optical zoom, 28mm Wide-angle Lens and 3 Inch LCD screen with Face Detection.

5) Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP - 10 MP Resolution, Waterproof Up To 10 Feet, 3x Optical Zoom and 50 MB Built-in Memory.

Consumer Reviews Of Fuji Digital Cameras

Do You Own Or Use A Fuji Digital Camera?

If you have experienced using a Fuji digital camera, then please tell us about it. We want to know what you thought of it - what are the good and bad points?. Would you recommend your model to a friend?

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