Canon PowerShot A95: Useful Compact Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot A95: Useful Compact Digital Camera

by Glen Fitzgerald
(Bosnia, Herzegovina)

I bought my Canon PowerShot A95 digital camera last year from a local dealer for personal use only. Since I did not need a hi-tech camera, my choice was the PowerShot A95.

Body of camera has aluminum construction with plastic cover. It has a 5MP sensor, Canon 3x optical zoom lens with auto-focus function. 1.8 inch TFT screen has excellent contrast.

A flash is built into the camera, it is easily controlled and offers following settings: On / Off mode, automatic operation, red-eye reduction and slow-synchro shot.
The Canon PowerShot A95 doesn’t have its own, internal memory and I find it bad. Images are saved on storage media.

Camera makes good quality pictures. The quality depends on quantity of light coming into lens, so we can say that camera gives best results outdoors. Camera does not perform well indoors and I find it inexcusable.

However, if you compare price of the Canon PowerShot A95 camera with it's functions and image quality, we can still say that this is a good purchase. Finally, if your primary intent is use of camera for family needs, then I can say that it is an excellent choice.

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