Canon Powershot SD880 IS - Love It!

Canon Powershot SD880 IS - Love It!

by Lynn Steele
(Columbus, Ohio)

I love my Canon Powershot SD880 IS digital camera and could not ask for a better one! My Canon Powershot can take great pictures in any location. The pictures are high quality and almost look like they were taken by an expensive SLR.

It works in inside settings, like dimly lit dorm rooms, but also outside, such as football games. The numerous settings also aid me in getting the perfect picture, no matter the location or lighting.

Honestly, I have never had an instance where this camera has not served me well. I bought it two years ago and it is still working perfectly! I looked at cameras at Best Buy, and initially bought it there.

However, I found that it was cheaper to buy the Canon Powershot SD880 IS on Amazon and bought it there. The camera is definitely best in close-up shots and landscape shots. I would highly recommend purchasing this digital camera- it will serve you well in all of your picture-taking endeavors!

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