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Enjoy The Superb Range Of Nikon Digital Cameras Which Include The Powerful DSLR And The Compact Coolpix Series

Nikon digital cameras are a brand that practically everyone should be familiar with by now because of their huge contributions to the film SLR camera industry.

When the digital cameras wiped out most of the film cameras, Nikon continued to stay competitive with their impressive line-up of digital cameras with many of them having positive reception by loyal customers.

Nikon D700 DSLR Nikon Coolpix L22 Digital Camera
Nikon D700 DSLR
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Nikon Coolpix L22
Available From

If there are some unsatisfied customers, chances are they got the wrong Nikon digital camera model so you should familiarize yourself with the Nikon digital cameras as they classify their cameras a bit differently than other manufacturers. Knowing the technologies that these cameras have in common also helps in buying the best camera that suits you.

What Type Of Nikon Digital Cameras Are Available?

Regular consumers should get the point and shoot models that the Nikon refers to as the COOLPIX series. Many of the models are within a fair price range and each have a decent list of features that should keep photo enthusiasts happy.

To make it easier to choose, Nikon conveniently divided the COOLPIX range into three main series named Life, Style and Performance respectively. You can quickly identify the series by checking the letter that precedes the model number.

Nikon Coolpix Life Series (L)

Nikon Coolpix L19 Compact Camera
Nikon Coolpix L19
Available From
Beginners will be comfortable with the Life camera series because they are specially made to be easy to use and handle.

The camera size is quite similar to other models, but the latest models like the L19 and L20 have high megapixel counts to allow bigger prints and impressive features. They are also the most affordable Nikon digital cameras currently available.

Nikon Coolpix Style Series (S)

Nikon Coolpix S60 Digital Camera
Nikon Coolpix S60
Available From
Those that want a good camera that also looks stylish will like any of the models in the Styles series.

These Nikon digital cameras come in more colors and are slimmer to carry around with you. Unlike other cameras designed to impress by looks alone, the Style series also manages to put a lot of good specs in them to make them ideal for taking pictures in various environments.

High-end models in this series offer even better performances and the uniquely designed S60 sports a full touch-screen interface. You will find plenty of Style models to choose from making this the most popular of all the series.

Nikon Coolpix Performance Series (P)

Nikon Coolpix P6000 Digital Camera
Nikon Coolpix P6000
Available From
Camera enthusiasts that want more power, functionality, and features in their cameras, but cannot afford the DSLR cameras should end up getting any of the two cameras in the Performance series.

The COOLPIX P90 features a 24x zoom while the COOLPIX P6000 boasts the highest megapixel count of all the non-DSLR models at 13.5 megapixels.

In addition, plenty of image technologies are built into the camera with some of them being present in DSLR cameras.

Nikon DSLR Range (D)

Nikon D40 DSLR
Nikon D40 DSLR
Available From
Nikon’s DSLR cameras are the high performance series outside the COOLPIX series with 9 modern models currently available each varying on their technologies and megapixel count.

There is an affordable DSLR camera which is the Nikon D40 having 6.1 megapixels and has just enough power for professional usage.

The Nikon D300 is one of the most successful models out of the pack because of its balanced set of features and price.

Nikon Common Technologies & Nikkor Lenses

Nikon 55-200mm Zoom Nikkor Lens
Nikon 55-200mm Zoom Nikkor Lens
Available From
The NIKKOR lens is a common technology that is present in the Nikon COOLPIX cameras. It borrows breakthrough technology from the DSLR camera lenses to boost the colour and sharpness quality of all COOLPIX cameras.

This technology is combined with a special chip that was the result of years of development called EXPEED.

EXPEED combines the latest hardware with advanced software for faster digital image processing with better results. Like the NIKKOR coolpix lens, this technology is also present in the DSLR range of camera lenses.

Other Features Found In Nikon Digital Cameras

Many of the cameras have a special D-Lighting setting which basically optimizes the exposure which is great for repairing any underexposed images.

Some also have a special Smart Portrait System that controls all the fixes for red-eye problems, face corrections, smile detection, and blink warnings. Motion detection is another good feature that sharpens images even when shaky shots are taken.

All of these features pretty much make every modern camera in the line-up powerful in their own right. There are affordable Nikon cameras that should only be purchased if a long list of features isn’t needed.

The core features still remain while many of the advanced features such as higher ISO sensitivity and larger LCD screens go on the models with higher numbers.

Nikon Digital Camera Reviews

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