Canon Powershot S500

Canon Powershot S500

by Mashal Khan Khattak
(Islamabad, Pakistan.)

I own a Canon Powershot S500 compact digital camera. I bought it from Dubai when I went there to visit relatives. First let me tell you its main specifications.

Its a 5MP camera with 1.5" inch LCD, 3x Zoom and an optical view finder. Camera is operated by NBL-1H Battery. Battery life is not good, it takes about 60 pictures with flash and about 120 without flash.

The Canon Powershot S500 digital camera takes nice pictures, colours are bright and vivid, good flash range, macro mode is good but cant focus on objects near then 5cm and its low light performance is very bad because maximum ISO is only 400.

Camera produces good result in outdoor shooting and with flash, but when flash is off then images are too noisy.

The Canon Powershot S500 has a video mode which at most can capture in 640x480 resolution with 15 fps and 320x240 at 20fps. Video quality is very bad, Focus and exposure is fixed from first frame of video.

Battery life is quite good when using optical view finder. Stitch assistant is quite good for shooting panaromas.

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