Got The Canon PowerShot SD1200IS For Christmas

Got The Canon PowerShot SD1200IS For Christmas

by Heather
(Ames, IA)

I bought my Canon PowerShot SD1200IS digital camera as a birthday/Christmas gift to myself, and I couldn't be happier with my selection. I knew I wanted something that shot high quality images in indoor and outdoor lighting.

The version I have is 10.0 megapixel, but produces pictures that sometimes appear much better. The Canon PowerShot SD1200IS digital camera performs well in all lighting, and is easiest to use on the automatic setting, but has other settings (portrait, night, kids & pets, indoor, and sunset), as well as the custom setting, where you can choose lighting, image, and flash type.

It is small enough to fit into a back pocket, and is easy to stow away in small purses. I use mine in all types of settings, and have had very few times that it has not performed the best.

Usually, this is when I have the Canon PowerShot SD1200IS on a specific setting that is not compatible with the actual setting I am shooting in. However, if you keep the camera on the automatic setting, your shots always come out great.

Another thing I love about the Canon PowerShot SD1200IS is the fit. It fits in your hand very comfortably, and easily, and the buttons are all easy to find and navigate. Canon is known for reliable and quality cameras, and I would recommend this brand to anyone.

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