Canon PowerShot SX120

Canon PowerShot SX120

by Jeff
(New Orleans)

I recently purchased the Canon PowerShot SX120 from Office depot and am very happy with my choice.

I was looking for a digital camera that was easy to operate, took clear pictures, did not take long to actually take the picture once the button was pressed, used a SD memory card and was under $200.

I was able to fulfill all of those needs with this camera. It also has a variety of ways to adjust the way I take pictures to adjust for the setting that I am in.

One other feature that I really like is the video. It takes very good quality video that when transferred to my computer plays beautifully. The size of the camera makes it very easy to carry around when traveling.

There are only a few things that I don’t like about the camera, but they are minor.

One is the use of AA batteries instead of a rechargeable battery pack. They always seem to run out when I least need them to and I hate having to carry extra batteries in my case. I never seem to remember whether the batteries are fresh or not.

The other issue is with the zoom which is not as powerful as I would have liked. These problems have been very easy to overcome and do not take away from the overall value of the camera.

The camera was perfect for our recent cruise vacation. It is simple enough for my ten year old to take pictures and we had enough of a memory card to last the whole trip.

We bought the camera at Office Depot after shopping at some other places and chose them because they offered the best price. We were able to use a coupon to save an additional twenty five dollars off of our purchase. I suggest that any one who wants a simple digital camera take a look at this Canon model.

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