Canon PowerShot SD780IS

Canon PowerShot SD780IS

by Loren
(Atlanta, GA USA)

I've had my Canon PowerShot SD780IS for over three months, and it is still in use. It was purchased from Best Buy and I am quite pleased with it. One of the best features of the camera, is it's size.

It's smaller than a phone, but still has a nice sized screen. It's also a "cute" camera, stylish and sleek, a nice item to 'show off'. It allows a lot of user control with flash, timing, and the image stabilizer is nice to have because a smaller camera can be harder to hold in place.

The zoom function is nice, and the audio clear. Its difficult though to differentiate between the camera and the video at times. A few bad issues are that the image quality isn't as good as I expected, and the size once again makes a steady shot very difficult.

The Canon PowerShot SD780IS is a great camera for taking pictures on a vacation, or pics of the kids, but no so great at taking in depth pictures, or those for a photographer portfolio.

The video options are few and the focus isn't the best, and is difficult to keep if you need to move the camera. The battery door was also an issue, it easily pops off, and it's difficult to put back in place, without the use of tape.

For the most part, I like the Canon PowerShot SD780IS, just wish a few features were ironed out a bit more.

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