Canon Powershot SD1200 - Best Digital Camera I Have Owned

Canon Powershot SD1200 - Best Digital Camera I Have Owned

by Clara Cox

My Canon PowerShot SD1200IS digital camera is the best I have ever owned! My husband purchased it for me last year, for Christmas, from He paid $240.00 for it and it came with a free memory card. The camera itself comes with a battery charger, batteries, USB cable for uploading photos to the internet, and another cable to show the photos on your t.v. if you wish.

Also included with the Canon Powershot SD1200 is a small wrist strap. I owned three other digital cameras at the time, the most expensive one had cost around a hundred dollars a few years earlier. It was very complicated as far as the settings went, so I mostly used a cheaper little digital camera that didn't offer much, but the photos were easy to take and upload.

This camera, though, is absolutely wonderful! All my friends want one - even one who has what I consider to be a superior Canon camera - the kind that cost nearly a thousand dollars. Any, outside of price, there are plenty of positives about this camera. First of all - performance. It takes the clearest pictures and video I have ever seen - no kidding!

Its so easy to use I'm almost embarrassed. You can set the Canon Powershot SD1200 on auto and it literally does all the work for you - from lighting to focus - its all in the auto setting. Pictures or video can be taken in the dark and still come out perfectly. I have a video uploaded on my youtube page of my cat, Rook, playing the dark. It is very clear.

You can zoom in or out in photos or video.
It's very easy to go from photo to video, also. The memory card I have allows for a bit over an hour of video time. This is the first time I have ever made videos and uploaded them on my computer, and posted some on facebook and youtube because the ease and clarity make it simple to do. At my age, 54, this is once again - overuse of the word - a "perfect" camera.

The Canon Powershot SD1200 works just as well outdoors as indoors. The small size makes it easy to slip in a pocket or purse. I purchased an inexpensive case - hard shell - for it just to keep it protected. When you are ready to take a picture, pressing down lightly on the button lets you "see" how the photo would look; then, pressing down fully, the photo is taken. You can instantly view your photo(s), and erase any you don't care for.

The instruction manual is easy to follow regarding how to erase photos and videos, how to make slide shows, and more. If you prefer doing your own settings you don't need to set it on automatic, either. You can do your own adjustments and such. I just find the auto setting preferable because it makes no mistakes.

I really can't think of any bad points regarding this camera. The battery lasts next to forever before needing to be recharged, and doesn't take long to charge, either. As I stated - all my friends who have seen the photos and videos I've taken with this camera want the exact same one. Once again, the Canon PowerShot SD1200IS is the most perfect digital camera I've ever owned.

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