Cannon 400D EOS DSLR Camera

Cannon 400D EOS DSLR Camera

by Jeff
(South Africa)

One year and three months ago I purchased a Canon 400D EOS digital camera. I had high expectations for this camera as I had purchased it from a camera shop in my local shopping centre that had assured me I would be able to take professional grade photographs with it within a few short hours of solid practice.

This was important as I had bought this camera to photograph the trip I would be taking a few weeks later to Mozambique.

Before the trip I traveled out to a relative's farm where I practiced taking both long distance landscape shots and detailed close-ups of both insects and plants.

The landscape shots came up satisfactory and were up to my expectations, photographs were taken at midday in the Karoo area of South Africa with my standard 18-55mm Cannon lens, but it was the close-ups that blew my mind away.

Taken with the same standard lens but fully zoomed in I could see the shine and texture of every scale on the lizard I photographed and the hairs on every leg of the spiders where visible.

In my opinion the money had been well spent. On the trip the Canon 400D excelled once again beyond all expectations perfectly capturing those white sandy beaches as well as the ghost crabs that inhabited them.

I have only two complaints and it is that at night, I cannot photograph the moon without the photo becoming hazy, but that could be user error on my part and the other minor complaint is that unfortunately the battery only lasts for a few hours of constant photography although it lasts long enough for the odd shot or two.

The Canon 400D DSLR camera performs best when taking outdoor close-ups and landscape shots during the day. I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a good quality high performance digital camera!

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