Canon PowerShot SX10 IS

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS

by Anniston

I love my Canon SX10 IS for its super zoom, which is simply fantastic. My Canon produces some excellent quality pictures, which can be compared to some DSLR cameras on the market. This camera also has a good shutter speed and is quite precise in taking pictures the auto focus mode.

The down side of the Canon PowerShot SX10 IS camera is that the close-up pictures are not all that great. The camera is quite heavy and bulky making it difficult to move around. The battery life also isn't all that great.

I purchased this camera offline at retail store called SimLim square in Indonesia, as it was on a great offer with some free goodies. I have been using this camera for the past three years and has never let me down.

The Canon PowerShot SX10 IS best performs in outdoor photography with is biggest selling point is the super zoom. I am able to zoom such far away object so easily and precisely.

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