Canon 400D - ISO Causes Noise At Higher End

Canon 400D - ISO Causes Noise At Higher End

by Andy Biggs
(Shefield UK)

I use the Canon 400D, which I purchased from a store in a local town about two year ago, towards the model’s end of life. It is a great entry level camera and includes all the features someone coming up from a point and shoot would expect.

Burst mode, picture styles, aperture and shutter priority, full auto mode and well laid out controls. I used the Canon 400D initially to photograph things in my garden such as flowers and trees, along with my cats. Then I moved on to shooting music events, and here the camera starts to show it’s short comings.

The speed of the burst shooting mode is quite slow (3fps) and the high ISO noise level is very high. In general anything shot at ISO 1600 needs a lot of noise reduction before it is usable, that being said the camera supports the full range of Canon flash so that is always an option.

Overall the Canon 400D is a great start for any photographer, but not suited to those with more specialized needs.

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