Canon PowerShot SD890IS Compact Camera

Canon PowerShot SD890IS Compact Camera

by Lester Barrett
(Columbus, OH, US)

We had a Canon digital camera in the past for capturing casual, point and shoot photographs and decided to purchase the Canon PowerShot SD890IS because our first Canon had served us well.

We purchased the camera online through a large and reputable online store. (

First, you need to know that one of the criteria for us when selecting a digital camera is that it had to have a through-lens-viewfinder and not just a digital display. I have found that images taken when held away from the body using only the digital display tend not to turn out as well as ones that are taken when stabilizing the camera against the body when looking through the lens.

This was one of the few compact digital cameras that still offered both a LCD display and through-the-lens viewing.

The Canon PowerShot SD890IS camera has served us well. It takes a very solid image and is easily portable because of its small size. It is about palm sized. Now, there is a downside to this small size and that is that it’s not as ergonomic as a larger camera and sometimes it feels as if there’s not enough room for my fingers. Plus all the controls seem a little too packed together on the camera body.

It has a very good zoom for a small, point-and-shoot, although, I would have traded the zoom for a wider angle lens.

I wouldn't put the PowerShot SD890IS camera up against a DSLR, but it's a very good point-and-shoot camera.

Large Bright LCD
Small and Compact
Solid Images
Decent Zoom

Small for big hands
Some overkill on features
No Wide Angle

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