I Got A Canon PowerShot SX110 IS As A Gift

I Got A Canon PowerShot SX110 IS As A Gift

by Diane
(Milwaukee, Wi)

I received the Canon PowerShot SX110 IS as a gift, although it was the exact model I had wanted. I am not that experienced with cameras and this one is easy to use. It takes very good pictures for the average user.

Also,it has the ability to make one hour long movies. I knew it would take small AVIs, but the one hour was a big bonus. I connected to my 32 inch TV to view a short test movie I took of my cat, and was amazed to see the movie full sized. Not the best picture, but it was certainly good enough for the average user like my self.

One feature that I wish was better was the close ups. They aren't as close as I would like. But I was able to take a fairly decent pic of a bug on a leaf.

It's an all around good camera, but not really pocket sized, you really need a case to carry it around.

Also, the memory card that comes with it is highly inadequate, 32mb only. So buying an additional card of several gigabyte is a must.

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