Canon Ixus 120IS

Canon Ixus 120IS

by Savvy
(Melbourne,Victoria, Australia)

Southern Part of India

Southern Part of India

To begin with I have a Canon Ixus 120IS silver matte metal model. I got it as a gift for my wedding and I couldn’t get my hands off it. I have been using it for past 6 months. I would click anything that looks beautiful to me.

There are three modes on the Canon Ixus 120IS: AUTO, PHOTO and video. In auto mode it actually detects the face and all the settings are automatically done, you just have to click.

In video mode the there is no setting other than the zooming part you just need to shoot.

In the photo mode you have different functions which you can use for eg. indoor, sunset, beach, fireworks, etc. You can use whichever function it just comes out good. Even though I'm not a professional photographer but the pictures I take comes out so good. As far as I think this Canon Ixus 120IS digital camera is very easy to use.

I've used it on beaches, indoors, night times and also tried to shoot pictures of sunset. All the pictures are so beautiful. I use them as the screensaver now. My friends even suggested me to undertake photography as my profession. Well I'm not sure of it with other cameras.

The only thing that bothers me is the zooming option. Sometimes I feel it should have the option for more zooming. But overall a real good experience with this stylish slim digicam.

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