Canon Rebel XS: Light Enough For Me To Handle

Canon Rebel XS: Light Enough For Me To Handle

by Erica
(Atlanta, GA)

This summer I received a photography internship at a nearby church. The camera that was provided for me was the Canon Rebel XS. I have been dealing with digital cameras before so I was a little familiarly with some features.

I did find the Canon Rebel XS easy to use, I was worried that it wouldn't be, being that it was was my first DSLR. I absolutely loved how it wasn't to heavy for me. I was able to capture photography with movement and even in settings with not so much light.

I love how the pictures came out too with the Canon Rebel XS. They were so clear and the colors were jumping out at you. Also if you get the SD card with it, you can hold A LOT of pictures.

I beleive in one of my shoots I had 600 photos and still had room left over which was a plus, being in outdoor events and having fun with the camera without any worry of running out of space was just great!

I do recommend getting the Canon Rebel XS digital camera as a starter, if you learn how to use the lenses and features, you can get some pretty nice pictures!

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