Canon PowerShot SD880 - Small And Powerful Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot SD880 - Small And Powerful Digital Camera

by Jill
(New York, NY)

I bought the Canon PowerShot SD880IS camera for my husband about two years ago and it is still working great, even though he carries it in his pocket, without a case! Before I got him this camera, he was still using film, and really uncertain about switching to digital.

But when he dropped his camera into a pool, that was the end of that and he was lamenting not having a tiny camera to fit in his pocket. He was reluctant to switch to digital, being an old fogey, but after about a month of carrying around the instruction book he finally started to use it, and now doesn't leave home without it.

The photos that the Canon PowerShot SD880 takes are really great. Sometimes they are superior to the shots I get with my Nikon SLR when we are standing side by side, especially in low light situations. Once you start practicing with the various settings you can get some really interesting shots.

I also bought an SD Card for him that holds literally thousands of photos, which is what he needs because he rarely uploads them to the computer.

My husband is a painter and he uses this camera to take photos of his work. I catch him sometimes sitting around going through the shots on his camera, studying a painting, dreaming what he will do next. The zoom feature allows you to see the photos in great detail, and the LCD screen on the back is one of the larger of the small digital cameras, which is why I chose it and one of the reasons it is so valuable to him.

The other good thing about the Canon PowerShot SD880IS digital camera is how fast the battery charges. In about 2 hours or less you are ready to go, which means that he doesn't have to have a 2nd battery pack on hand.

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