Canon PowerShot SD450

Canon PowerShot SD450

by Mona Kamruzzaman
(Ny, NY, USA)

I have been using my Canon PowerShot SD450 camera with a 5.0 megapixel picture quality for a while now. I purchased this camera at Circuit City on 14th street in NY, NY. But that store does not exist anymore.

When I had bought it about four and a half years ago it was in perfect condition. It operated very well and took amazing pictures with little for me to complain about. During the time of purchase a 5.0 megapixel camera was very much clear in its quality of picture.

I must say my camera is a very easy camera to get along with because the features on it are self explanatory. I currently still use my camera due to the fact that I had purchased it for more than $200+ and it is still in working condition despite the fact that my expectations for it has gone down a bit because as the years went by the quality of pictures became a bit fuzzy.

My camera does exhibit some defects such as the port to where the battery is inserted has become loose due to a lost screw resulting in having to keep a tight grip on that port in order to take a picture.

And after doing my research a camera during these days goes up to at least 12.0 megapixel's as opposed to my 5.0 megapixel camera. But in the end I still do not have to buy a new camera which allows me to still save money. The feature that seems to best work in my camera is changing the color of the background of the picture such as from color to black/white, or to a sunset color. This feature enhanced the quality of the picture.

I also like taking night snapshots because the flash truly works and every single detail can be seen in the picture. I can honestly say that my camera has taken thousands of memorable pictures that I still have possession to. That is one of the most wonderful things my camera has given me. I am not sure if this product is still in the market because of the new upgrades everyday but I would recommend the Canon PowerShot SD450 because I had a great experience with it.

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