Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS - Fits Nicely In My Pocket

Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS - Fits Nicely In My Pocket

by Victoria Hanke
(Plainsboro, NJ, USA)

I bought a Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS after my old Olympus digital camera broke. I did a lot of research on what I wanted to purchase as a replacement. I wanted something with enough features that I could use it in a variety of situations, and also something that would be durable enough. (I tend to spend a good deal of my time at the barn, and a flimsy camera just doesn’t cut it there.)

After comparing a number of cameras, I decided on and purchased a Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS online from for around $180. The price and features were comparable to the other cameras for sale, and it seemed the best option for me to go with. I also liked that I was able to choose what color my camera came in.

I have now had this camera for a little over a year, and I am very satisfied with it. I still use it on a regular basis. It comes with me almost everywhere, and is small enough to slip into a pocket—an important feature, as I don’t like having to carry a bag with me.

The Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS digital camera has held up to the rigors of the barn and travel, and the battery life has also been quite sufficient for my usage. It has gotten a little scratched up here and there from falls and scrapes—some of the silver shows through under the blue and black parts—but it still works just fine.

The photographs taken by the Powershot SD1100 are crisp and the colors are accurate. Every so often, lighting will be an issue—dimly lit places are harder to photograph, unless you use the flash.

The flash has a tendency to white out nearby objects sometimes, but this might be an issue shared by other digital cameras. I do not use a tripod, and so occasionally photographs (particularly those in dim light) come out
a bit blurry, but again, I found this to be the same with my old camera. In bright light, particularly natural sunlight, this camera takes great photographs.

As with other point-and-shoot digital cameras I’ve used, action shots can be tricky. The shutter speed is not super fast, so you have to be careful to time pressing the button just right if you want a specific moment. There doesn’t seem to be a specific setting for action shots, but I usually use the "Kids and Pets" setting and, assuming the lighting is sufficient, it works fairly well.

While occasionally the battery runs out at inopportune times, it’s usually my fault for not charging it. When fully charged, I have never had an issue with the battery life of the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS.

I also appreciate that the provided battery is rechargeable, thus saving on having to buy batteries. A memory card did not come with this camera, and so I had do purchase one, but was able to do so for under $20.

I use the macro setting often on my camera, and it was an important feature for me to have. I tend to take a lot of flower photographs, and this is perfect for those.

Often, if I angle the camera just right and use macro, I take photographs that are nearly identical to those taken by fancier SLR cameras. I am impressed by the level of detail that the macro setting can capture, though occasionally it takes a few tries for the camera to focus just right on the detail I want.

All-in-all, I would say that the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS is a good camera for the price. I am satisfied with it, and while I can be hard on a camera, it has gamely withstood the first year of ownership with me. I foresee it lasting for a while longer, and I would definitely recommend the brand and model.

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