Canon SD800IS - Small, Compact And Suits Me

Canon SD800IS - Small, Compact And Suits Me

by Tomaz

The Canon SD800IS is a small pocket camera which can be easily stuffed into a shirt pocket. I bought it since I need a wider angle lens for landscapes and action pictures, plus it has an optical viewfinder so I can turn off the LCD to save power or use it in bright sunlight when the sun is shining directly into the screen.

Overall I'm quite happy with the Canon SD800IS digital camera, it's a compact point and shoot, so I'm not expecting DSLR quality or low light performance.

The pictures are quite good as far as compacts go once the settings are dialed in a bit, I like to set -1/3EV and custom colours where I crank up the saturation a bit and darken skin tones. This ensures that I don't blow out the highlights by accident while giving me the richer colours I aim for in my photos.

The controls on the Canon SD800IS are nicely laid out with all the important settings just a button click away, there's no digging through menus to change the ISO or lock the focus & exposure, it's all right there in the buttons so I can get to it fast and not lose my picture.

And that I think is what I like most about it, the camera's small enough that it's always with me so it's ready to capture a good photo.

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