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Sony Digital Cameras Or Sony CyberShot Offer Great Value DSLRs And Compacts That Challenge Their Competitors

Sony digital cameras are great value for money compared to other major brands such as Nikon and Canon. Their DSLR range has so many great features built-in as standard such as Image Stabilization and Tilting Screens. They are also much cheaper than their competitors.

Sony has always been considered a global leader of home electronics, home entertainment, and portable gadgets including their fine lineup of Sony digital cameras.

They have achieved great success with their TV range offering fantastic displays and visuals that never fail to impress viewers.

One of the biggest challenges that Sony faces is that they need to make sure the quality of their digital cameras equals the standards of their televisions and audio equipment.

The Sony HDTVs may be capable of displaying high quality pictures and videos, but poorly processed digital images and videos can ruin the whole experience.

Also, Sony faces huge competition from other camera manufacturers that dominated the market even before digital technology went mainstream.

To combat the competition, Sony unleashed the Cyber-shot lineup of digital cameras. All Cyber-shot digital cameras can be recognized with the logo and DSC (Digital Still Camera) prefix on all of the models regardless of the series.

What makes a Sony digital camera so unique is the number of different models included in each series. This can sometimes be confusing for customers, so I will explain each series individually to allow for a better understanding.

Point-and-Shoot Cameras

All of the Point-and-Shoot cameras are capable of taking at least 10 megapixel images and above so megapixels should never be a major issue when choosing a camera as 10 megapixels are more than enough.

Affordable models start with the S series with the cheapest model just over $100. These models are followed by the slightly more expensive W series which are created with a special coating and use a wide angle lens.

On the top of the point-and-shoot chain in terms of price is a very special digital camera in the G series which is the DSC-G3. This is only the second G model with the first specializing in face tracking. The G3 pulls off another huge technology by offering wireless Internet connectivity and a large 3.5" touch-screen display. All of the S and W models are geared for novice photographers.

Ultra Slim Cameras

If you ever see a T model, you can expect that camera to be an ultra slim camera that may not have the Carl Zeiss lens, but still incorporates plenty of useful image enhancing features to make every shot still look good. This lineup of cameras are mainly for people who are looking for a stylish camera as these ultra slims come in several colors.

The reason why these cameras are a bit more expensive is not just because of their slimness, but due to the fact that all of the T models have a touch-screen LCD display starting at 3.0 inches. Higher-end models like the DSC-T900 support HD video and have larger touch-screen displays.

Advanced Cameras

You won’t find much of a selection with the current lineup of advanced cameras which fall under the H series. These cameras look a lot more like the classic film cameras, but have advanced optics for superior image quality.

They are still pretty easy to use just like the Point-and-Shoot cameras, but require a camera bag to carry around with you. These cameras are best known for their higher optical zooming capabilities and advanced video capturing options.

The newest model of the lineup which is the DSC-HX1 introduces the Sweep Panorama mode which is a first in the DSC series. This feature can capture wide-angle views of up to 224 degrees.

DSLR Cameras

Sony’s lineup of digital cameras won’t be complete without a good set of DSLR cameras. Unlike the rest of the cameras previously mentioned, these DLSR cameras do not have the Cyber-shot logo and are identified as "A" models.

There are currently 7 "A" models being offered right now each with unique features. Their flagship model is the A900 which is the perfect choice for creative professional photographers that want to take pictures at extremely high resolutions. The A900 can handle 24.6 megapixel images which far exceeds other DSLR cameras.

More Sony Camera Information

Most of the popular Sony digital cameras are best known for taking HD quality images and videos so they look great on their BRAVIA TVs. For that reason, easy connectivity with these TVs is supported to make it simple for sharing. In addition, many models also have several in-camera tools that are useful for correcting images without the need of a computer.

Sony has an impressive collection of digital cameras that are worthy contenders in the ongoing battle of digital devices. They also offer a great range of camcorders too. These devices are brilliant for people who want the best of both worlds.

You can capture HD video of your favorite events and then print still frames of the best parts as photographs. Two for the price of one! Just remember, with all this extra use, your camera battery will flatten very quickly. Always have a spare Sony camcorder battery available to make sure you never miss that golden moment.

People owning Sony branded home entertainment products are always better off with Sony digital cameras.

Sony Digital Camera Reviews

Have you used a Sony digital camera? Do you own one yourself? What are they like? Share your experiences of Sony cameras with others and help them decide about buying a Sony.

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