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Finally, you've found the best photo tips, advice and information online. Let's get started!

If you’ve just bought your first camera... congratulations! If it’s a new DSLR... even better.

I want to help you shoot top quality pictures by fine tuning the settings of your digital camera to achieve the best shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, white balance and lighting to produce the correct exposure.

Don't Get Overwhelmed When Starting Out

Starting out with a new hobby in photography can be a little bit overwhelming and sometimes it's hard to know where to start without the right coaching and advice.

You’re inspired by photo magazines that show awesome pictures that professional photographers have taken of weddings, portraits, scenic landscapes, sunsets or other fines images.

All you want is photography tutorials, top tips or coaching to be able to create that kind of professional shot yourself with your own subject. Who wouldn’t...?

It’s definitely a skilful talent, but you too can learn how to produce amazing works of art with your camera and other accessories such as interchangable lenses, tripod and flash.

Once you master the basics, you can start adding your own creativity and finesse to produce superb shots that will WOW your friends like the picture below.

Picture of New York City Skyline by Paul Timpa
Photo by Paul Timpa

Here is a list of digital photography tips, techniques and tutorials to assist you in taking professional looking weddings shots, scenic landscapes, portrait photography, action and sports shots or any other interesting subjects that you can think of.

Just take one step at a time and work your way through each webpage of tips and tutorials, practicing with your own camera as you go.

Some of the articles include video lessons. When you become familiar with a particular technique and can produce a good photo that you are proud of, move on to the next page of digital photography tips.

You can gather new pieces of equipment such as memory cards, flashes, lighting gear, photo editing software and extra lenses as you go along. No need to start buying a lot of expensive equipment all at once.

Another "must-have" tool for editing your pics post shoot is a good computer. Cheap laptops make editing your shots on location even easier making sure you get the best snaps possible before you go home and discover the focus was off.

Very soon, you’ll have mastered the basics of digital photography and your pictures will have the WOW factor. Then it will be time to learn some more advanced photography techniques such as panning with the subject during your sports shots or using flash fill.

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Digital Photography Tips And Tutorials

Landscape Photography Tips, Techniques, Ideas & Advice Guide

Learn these professional landscape photography tips, techniques and skills to transform your landscape photos into stunning, well composed, scenic masterpieces. Tons of help, hints, advice and ideas.

Manual Mode - The Benefits Of Using It On Your D-SLR

Use Manual mode on your DSLR camera and your photography will move to a whole new level. Time to get away from Aperture and Shutter priority and learn from Pro photographer Paul Timpa.

Portrait Photography Tips, Techniques, Lighting, Information & Video Tutorial

Discover portrait photography tips that will give your portraits the wow factor. Learn to use the best lighting techniques and use the right props and locations to enhance your portrait poses.

Wedding Photography Tips - Pictures, Photo Ideas, Samples, Tricks And Poses

Learn professional wedding photography tips, tricks, ideas and poses that will help you get superb pictures of the Bride and Groom. These wedding photography tips give you every top tip you need.

Also if you want to see some great pictures of live wedding bands, checkout

Wedding Photography Tips - Wedding Rings

Wedding Photography Lighting Tips And Techniques For Indoor And Outdoor Weddings

Discover these wedding photography lighting tips, techniques and pieces of equipment you need for indoor and outdoor wedding photography that will help you capture perfect shots of the big day.

Best Nude Photography Tips - Fine Art, Glamour, Sensual & Tasteful

Discover these tasteful nude photography tips and start creating your own fine art, boudoir and nude photographs. Learn to shoot artistic photos of male or female subjects.

Action Shot Of Footballers Showing Off Their Sports Skill

Sports Photography Tips – 5 Techniques For Getting More Action

Discover five sports photography tips that will help you improve your action shots with a digital camera. Whether you shoot Baseball, Ice hockey or Motor sports, use these top tips for better results.

Selling Stock Photos - Online Stock Photo Agencies

Selling stock photos online is a great way to make money from your favourite hobby. Discover these tips for selling your stock photography through stock photo agencies on the internet.

Cheap Wedding Photographers Can Be Just As Good As More Expensive Ones

Cheap wedding photographers are still professional and usually just need some practice at shooting weddings and can offer lower prices in return for gaining experience.

Best Books From About Digital Photography Tips

More Digital Photography Tips & Techniques

Basic Tips For Taking Digital Photography

More useful tips for taking digital photography. Use these helpful photography tips to get the most out of your digital camera and improve your digital photography.

Adode Photoshop Elements Tutorials - Helpful Video Course Review

Discover these Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorials and learn how to make the most of this powerful software. Edit your photos the easy way with these simple step-by-step tutorial videos.

Rick Sammon's Top Ten Digital Photography Tips

Find out what Rick Sammon's Top Ten Digital Photography Tips are in this instructional video below. Rick shares his quality tips and helpful advice on lighting, exposure, composition and the various rules involved in shooting professional photos.

Share Your Top Digital Photography Tips

Have you got some great digital photography tips that you'd like to share with us?

You can easily upload a photo to accompany your top tip if it helps you to explain your technique more effectively.

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Keep Your Portraits Natural Not rated yet
I think portraits tend to look best when the subject looks relaxed and purposeful. Give them something to hold, do, or think about. This will help relax …

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