Canon Eos Digital Rebel T2I

Canon Eos Digital Rebel T2I

by Jason Retro

About 6 months ago I purchased a Canon Eos Digital Rebel t2i online. I've mainly been using this camera for automotive photography. The camera works best outdoors with good lighting.

One complaint I have is the low light performance, the image can be grainy, but this has more to do with the lens rather than the camera. With a fast lens this camera should do very well in low light conditions.

One feature I really like about the Canon Rebel T2I is it's ability to record 1920x1080 full HD video. The camera has a built in microphone which is very high quality, but if you want even better quality, this camera has a microphone port for an external microphone.

The Canon Rebel T2I is an excellent camera for still photography, and the ability to take high definition video just makes it that much better.

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