Canon PowerShot SD400

Canon PowerShot SD400

by Sweetu
(Kolkata, India)

Sunset by the sea taken with Canon PowerShot SD400

Sunset by the sea taken with Canon PowerShot SD400

Photography is my favorite pastime. I have been using a Canon PowerShot SD400 digital camera for the past 5 years. I had purchased it offline after doing thorough research on many brands.

I settled for this particular model while purchasing as it was very sleek, compact and also had 5 mega pixels. Nowadays there are many sleek varieties with high mega pixels.

One normally needs higher mega pixels if he/she needs to print posters. This particular model cost me 15,000 rupees and is worth the money. I love my camera very much. I have used it in extreme conditions and the pictures have come out very well.

I had gone to Kashmir in the month of January when there was heavy snowfall. But the pictures that I took at that time have come out real perfect. Even while holidaying in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, I had done a few underwater shots as the camera has features that can help you shoot under water.

I have taken indoor, outdoor as well as underwater shots and it has worked perfectly fine. The camera has video features where you can shoot for 10 minutes. I have also taken a few video dance shots of my daughter while she was performing.

I have taken tons of pictures as we always love to visit new places. The battery life is very good and does not discharge easily. I have been using the same rechargeable battery since the day I have purchased it. Normally after the photos are taken, I upload them on my computer to view.

The camera does not have an optical image stabilizer that helps in reducing the blur from shaking of hands, so one needs a steady hand. This is the only disadvantage. The pros of the camera outweighs the cons and it is value for money.

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