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Nature and wildlife photography is a photographic discipline that encompasses a wide range of subject matter.

Some nature and wildlife photographers focus on beautiful pictures of impressive landscapes...even stitching photos together to create wide, stunning panoramic images.

Others focus on examining the world with a macro view...up close (very close) and personal, photographing insects and small flowers and plants at larger than life magnification. These images can also make an incredibly striking impression when blown up into large prints. Many nature and wildlife photographers enjoy photographing animals in the birds and deer. There are many who don't leave their own backyards and capture great shots of animals such as squirrels and foxes that come to their feeders.

Beautiful Nature Photography & Wildlife Photography Of Bluebells At Glenariff Forest Park
Most wildlife photographers, though, have to go to places like parks, free-roaming zoos, and wildlife reserves in search of wildlife subjects to photograph.

Those photographers who are lucky enough to live near game reserves or large lakes are especially blessed with great opportunities to capture photos of animals in their own natural habitat.

There is something immensely satisfying about photographing wildlife and nature.

In many cases, it requires a great deal of patience and persistence to get the image that you want...sometimes the only way is a lot of trial and error.

Animals and wildlife don’t pose for the camera or take direction, so it can be very challenging to get a great shot. Sometimes, it's simply a matter of good luck more than anything else!

Wildlife photography also requires photographers to develop their skills and knowledge of their tools of the trade. Skills such as adding or changing lenses for the proper focal length...depending on whether they are photographing a bumble bee or a moose.

Even the basics such as learning to adjust the flash, ISO, and exposure time properly to capture images in less than perfect lighting conditions, such as in a dimly lit forest.

Probably the most compelling reason people are drawn to photographing nature and wildlife is that it provides an opportunity to connect with our natural world.

Nature photography is a hobby that helps people slow down, indeed, it requires them to slow down if they want to succeed at it.

Photographing birds, wildlife, flowers, plants, insects, landscapes and other natural scenes gives people an opportunity to get outdoors, leave the cell phones at home, breathe in fresh air, and explore the natural world we live in up close and personal.

It also creates a renewed appreciation for all the world’s creatures and the delicate ecosystems in which they live.

Studying nature and wildlife through the lens of a camera, lets us start to notice the little things we so often rush by. We literally “stop and smell the flowers”.

The beauty of the natural world inspires us and frequently takes our breath away. So when we can capture that feeling or effect with beautiful nature photography, it's just an incredible sense of achievement!

Share Your Favourite Nature & Wildlife Pictures

Share with us the passion, creativity and patience involved in your Nature & Wildlife photography. What you need to do is write a few paragraphs about your picture.

Here's a few pointers. What's your theme? What's in the picture? What type of camera did you use? Why was the picture taken in that way? Where did you get the shot?

The next thing you need to do is think of a good title for your picture and story. Something like 'The Call Of The Wild'

All you need to do now is upload your picture and you're done!

What Other People Have Shared

Below you can see the nature and wildlife photography that other photographers have shared...

Look @ Eyes -- Squirrel posing @ Matheran, MH, India 
Was on weekend trip to a nearby hill station called Matheran, MH, India with my friends. Just the moment we entered the Matheran, I spotted this beautiful …

The Ear Wing Insect 
I was just walking randomly to take shots of creatures in the night. I observed a Ear wing insect, snapped it but I was not satisfied then I decided to …

Squirrel - A Rare Photo 
This Photo was clicked on BRIGHT SUNNY DAY. A Rare to find in the city like Mumbai.

After the Snowstorm 
I took this nature photograph after a snow storm. It was bitter cold, but I had been desperate to get outside and do some personal photography instead …

Green Bee Eater - Thol Lake, Mehsana, Gujarat 
Three hours of hard work and eventually I was rewarded with this shot. Three days I was after this. Somehow the idea struck my mind that I needed to create …

Close-up Shot Of The Sarus Crane 
I took this picture of the Sarus Crane while visiting the Zoo. It is one of my favourite shots as it really highlights the sharpness which my Sony digital …

Golden Evening With Flamingos 
I was trying to get some shots of the Marsh Harriers at Thol Lake, Mehsana, Gujarat. There were about 7 or 8 of them flying about. Unfortunately I …

Two Little Jail Birds 
I took this picture while I was on holiday in Lanzarote this year. Our family went on a day trip to a wildlife park and I took quite a few pictures of …

King Of The Bandavgarh Forest 
It was late evening and our gypsy was parked in shade and we were listening to bird calls and langur alarm calls. We were anticipating B2 the tiger in …

Flame On Water 
I could never imagine that Airoli, a small place within the heart of the city of Mumbai could be such a visual magical. 4000 Flamingoes all …

Male Bluethroat (Luscinia svecica)  
The Red-Spotted Bluethroat or Luscinia svecica is a small passerine bird which is similar in size to the european Robin. The male has a blue bib with a …

A Snap By Chance 

My First Morning In Himalayas 
It was my first morning in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. I woke up early that day to get some shots of the shining orange peaks of the Himalayas. …

The Predator 
Waiting with my legs folded for 2 hours I finally got it. It was so sudden that I had to take it faster than a wink of an eye, as I knew if I missed it …

Stopping for a Sip Not rated yet
After being chased all over the front yard, this beauty finally stopped to rest on a purple coneflower long enough for me to grab a few frames.

Peaceful Morning Not rated yet
This was taken in July of this year. I was just sitting by the river enjoying the beautiful morning air when I turned my face and seen this duck and thought …

Wild and Pretty Not rated yet
I love my camera so much that I take it just about every where and this shot I got at a park..

Run Water Run Not rated yet
The nature is my theme because its already there, just explore their wonder, specifically this running water that leads into waterfalls. I'm using Sony …

Bonding Moment Not rated yet
My theme is all about wildlife. The picture shows these three monkeys having their favorite pastime,im not sure if they're family, meaning a parents and …

Fleurs du Parc Jeanne-D'Arc, Quebec City, Canada Not rated yet
Flowers taken in a little parc in Quebec City. I took it with my Canon Rebel XS equipped with my new 55 mm lens.

Red Riding Hood Not rated yet
I am not sure of the name of this bird... It just sauntered by when we were waiting at a petrol pump in Mauritius... Again taken with the Canon sd1200

The Water lillies & their lonesome visitor... Not rated yet
Again at Mauritius with Canon sd1200

The Giant Tortoise Not rated yet
This pic has been clicked at Mauritius with a Canon sd1200 digicam....

Little Cormorant Not rated yet
I took this with a Canon 450d and a Sigma 170-500mm dg.

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Sarus Cranes - Thol Lake, Mehsana, Gujarat Not rated yet
A beautiful silhouette of these two Sarus Cranes taken at Thol Lake, Mehsana, Gujarat. I have been trying to capture these Cranes for a long time in this …

RIVER TERN Not rated yet
This picture of a River Tern was taken with a Canon DSLR 450D with a Sigma 170-500mm DG lens.

Yellowstone Native Not rated yet
We were on vacation in June this year at Yellowstone National Park. We had stopped at a public toilet to let the children relieve themselves, and there …

White Wagtail (Motacilla alba) Not rated yet
The Motacilla Alba is part of the wagtail family and is a smallish bird with black feathers and a white patch on its head. It's also related to other wagtail …

Mommma...where are ye...?!! Not rated yet
This is a photo of a baby Painted Snipe. The female Painted Snipe is the more brightly coloured of the species. The adult female has a black head with …

"Attabuoy...gimme a hug...!!" Not rated yet
Enjoy this shot of the Pied kingfisher. It is very difficult to catch this bird in action like this. My luck was definately in this day and I managed to …

Battle In The Skies Not rated yet
I had only 15 minutes left to click I thought I would visit this lake. I saw some awesome birds like the Pied Kingfisher, Black Ibis, White-throated …

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