I Wouldn't Change My Canon EOS Digital Rebel

I Wouldn't Change My Canon EOS Digital Rebel

by DM

I purchased my Canon Digital Rebel DSLR back in 2006 from a random online store, body only, as an upgrade to my aging EOS rebel that I still love and adore. To date, I've taken about 3,500 shots. I'm strictly an amateur/hobby photographer.

I was blown away at the great resolution and how easy it was to program/change settings like exposure and aperture on the fly. Being able to see a variety of settings through the viewfinder was great in those situations where I couldn't (or didn't dare) move the camera away from my subject.

I've used the camera for everything from macro work to landscapes, head shots to white boxes. It's versatile, easy to use, and- for the price- exactly what I needed.

My beloved DSLR isn't all roses and rainbows, though. The built-in flash, as you should expect, is all but useless. This can make indoor shots difficult, but a good external flash and some smart lighting choices make it bearable.

I also have trouble occasionally with the autofocus at the extreme ends of all my lenses. The viewfinder could be a little larger and for candids, it would be great if you could use the rear display as a viewfinder like a normal point-and-shoot.

All in all, for only a few hundred dollars, this camera was and is rock solid. I wouldn't trade it for anything... except maybe it's latest iteration. ;)

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I Carry My Rebel Everywhere
by: Peter Daniels

I have owned my Canon EOS Digital Rebel for three years. During that time, I have grown to love this camera and carry it with me most of the time. There are only two problems I have had with it.

First, the macro is difficult to use and is limited, and sometimes, the auto-focus feature doesn't work. However, for most other purposes, it snaps clear, concise photos. I chose the metal body option for my camera, and even so the weight of the camera is great.

It is light and easy to carry. Granted, the lenses add weight to the overall package, but that is to be expected. This is a camera I highly recommend.

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