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Wedding Photography Techniques

Photograph Of Wedding Rings

Digital Wedding Photography - Planning and Kit Needed For The Big Day
Digital wedding photography can be tricky, but there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that this most special of days is beautifully recorded.

Wedding Photography Checklist - Capture The Must-have Shots
Use this wedding photography checklist and make sure you capture the most important wedding photographs. Easily remember everything from the first kiss to the exchanging of the rings.

Wedding Photo Ideas - Fresh Poses, Samples & Suggestions
Discover fresh and new wedding photo ideas that will add a piece of creativity to your wedding portfolio. Use these wedding photography ideas to make your wedding photo album stand out.

More Creative Wedding Photography Ideas, Books, Unique Poses And Help
Wedding photography ideas and poses are part of traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography. Finding unique ideas with artistic creativity is the job of a good photographer.

Macro Photography Techniques

Close-up Or Macro Shot Of A Ladybug On A Leaf

Digital Macro Photography - Discover The World Close Up
Digital macro photography is one of the most practical and creative areas of digital photography. An added strength of macro digital cameras allows you to capture a close up view of the world.

Three Macro Photography Tips & Tricks For Beginners
Use these macro photography tips and tricks to get up close and personal with your favorite objects. Discover the world in miniature.

Macro Photography Lighting - Illuminate With A Ring Flash
The most useful piece of macro photography lighting equipment is the ring flash. It reduces shadows and allows you to sharpen your subject. A reflector and diffuser are also useful.

Macro Digital Photography Tips For Successful Close-ups
Macro digital photography is possible with nearly all digital cameras. Using the macro setting on your digital camera will allow you to get a new perspective on the world of photography.

Portrait Photography Techniques

Portrait Photograph Of A Beautiful Female

Digital Portrait Photography, Outdoor Tips & Video
Digital portrait photography sounds like an easy task, but a certain approach is required to make sure you do your subjects justice. Learn the basics of posing and tips on the correct Aperture.

Sensual Portrait Photography, Boudoir & Glamour Tips
Sensual portrait photography is all about capturing your inner self. You want to express yourself and communicate your feelings through romantic and sensual poses. Discover yourself...

Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips, Poses, Lighting & Equipment
Discover these great outdoor portrait photography tips to make your pictures look more professional. Learn about the best poses, equipment, lighting and techniques you need to shoot better portraits.

Landscape Photography Techniques

Beautiful Landscape Photograph Of Countryside Scenery

Digital Landscape Photography Tips & Techniques
Digital landscape photography is about capturing a beautiful piece of scenery. With a sympathetic eye and a little dedication you can produce the perfect image to grace any wall of your home.

Sports Photography Techniques

Action Shot Of Footballers Showing Off Their Sports Skill

Digital Sports Photography - Capture Part Of The Action
Discover digital sports photography and learn how to capture the fast moving action at any sports event. Sports photography requires a higher level of skill and is a tricky photographic discipline.

Sports Stock Photography Primer - What You Need To Know
Sports stock photography is a fast and cost efficient way of getting and licensing the rights to a sporting image. You could then use the picture as you require on a website, brochure or magazine, etc.

Action Sports Photography – Timing, Location & Long Fast Lenses
Action sports photography is all about location and timing. You will need a fast, long lens to get closer to the action. A good tip is to know your sport and the players to succeed.

Sports Photography Career - Tips For Getting Started
Starting a sports photography career will allow you to earn money shooting the sports you love to play and watch. If you are thinking about a career in sports photography, then here are some tips.

Are Sports Photography Jobs Right For You?
Sports photography jobs allow you to grab a piece of the action. Enjoy the buzz and excitement of seeing your photos published in a top newspaper or magazine.

More Photography Related Techniques, Tip & Basics

Digital Night Photography - Cityscapes And Traffic Trails
Take a trip outdoors when the Sun goes down for some superb digital night photography. Do not miss out on stunning pictures full of blazing colour just because it gets dark outside.

Digital Infrared Photography - The World Of Invisible Light
See the world in a whole new light with digital infrared photography. Most DSLR cameras only require an IR filter to be screwed onto the lens to achieve these amazing results.

Digital Photography Basics, ISO, Exposure & Aperture
Learn some digital photography basics and get the most from your DSLR camera. The basics of digital photography include ISO, white balance, exposure, apertures, shutter speeds and camera modes.

Digital Photography Techniques - Night, Landscape & Macro
Discover digital photography techniques and tips that give you hands-on practical advice for the best results at Weddings and Portraits shoots. Also tips for Landscape, Night and Macro photography.

Online Digital Photo Printing
Find out about online digital photo printing and who offers the cheapest and best digital photo print service. Leave printing digital photos to the professionals!

What Useful Photography Techniques Have You Tried?

Have you got any good Photography Techniques or Tips that you'd like to share? Help other photographers take better photographs with your own useful tips and advice.

You can even upload some pictures to help explain any photography techniques that you want to pass on.

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Torn Between Two Countries 
This picture was taken January 1, 2010. I took this picture with my new Canon EOS Rebel T1i EOS 500D. We were driving and stopped at a rest area to take …

Sydney Harbour 
Using my Canon EOS 300D, I took this beautiful shot of Sydney Harbor at around 7am, during my usual morning walk. I used a focal length of 18mm (using …

Winter light on the Fort Pond Brook in Acton, Ma. 
All winter I've been snapping pictures in all lights and weathers using my Verizon Droid camera phone. It has 5 mega pixels and several settings. This …

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Exposure: 1/25 Aperture: f/3.5 Focal Length: 12mm ISO 400 Camera: Canon 400D no adjustments made whatsoever... This picture was taken at the top …

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This beautiful picture was taken at the harbor in Tucepi, Croatia. I visited this lovely place last summer in June. It was my first visit of Croatia, so …

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This picture was taken with my Panasonic DMC-ZS3. I was celebrating my birthday with friends in New-York and we couldn't visit the city without a little …

Lazy on a sunny afternoon 
This picture was taken with my Panasonic DMC-ZS3. It was on automatic mode (equivalent to 1/200 F4.7 ISO200). I was talking a walk on this beautiful …

Magical Autumn 
This picture was taken by my Nikon D40x with a 35mm 1.8 lens. I took this picture in late October of 2009. At first, I was doing a private shoot with a …

Annapurna Mastiff 
Shot on a Nikon N80 Film Camera using Velvia 100 Slide Film. View west along the high trail leading around Annapurna 1. In the foreground is a medieval …

Greek Coast of Santorini 
This photo was taken with my Canon EOS 50D camera with the ISO Speed of 100, Focal length of 28mm, Exposure time of 1/125, and F-stop of f/10. The …

The Lake 
Exposure: 0.001 sec (1/800) Aperture: f/5.3 Focal Length: 62 mm ISO Speed: 100 Some minor adjustments were made using Adobe Lightroom 2. This …

Stuck in the desert 
This was shot using a Canon EOS 5D Mk II, EF 24-105 f/4L IS USM, no-name tripod, Hoya UV-Filter. ISO800; 51s @ f/4,5; The light inside the car is from …

Bald can be a Photographers Nightmare! 
I was invited to shoot a wedding in the off shoot of Hurricane Ivan. The advice I want to give is very simple. Make sure if the groom (or anyone at …

Winter Reflections Not rated yet
The story behind this image began some sixty years ago. Winter Reflections was captured at Half Moon Bay, Black Rock, a suburb some twenty kilometres …

Fishing is not always about the fish Not rated yet
This picture was taken in december of 2008 with my brother in my back yard in Sebastian Florida. We would go fishing every weekend. I got my gear and myself …

Bagan Sunset Not rated yet
This Picture was taken in November last year from the top of a pagoda in Bagan / Myanmar (Burma). In former times every leader has given the instruction …

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