Nikon D70 DSLR

Nikon D70 DSLR

by Nicolette
(Michigan, USA)

I purchased a Nikon D70 Digital Camera in 2005 from Best Buy offline for a little under $900. The camera came with the 18-70 mm ED lens which has been a great all-around lens for the camera with optimal zoom for everyday usage.

This camera has worked beautifully over the last five years with high-quality pictures that are nearly always sharp and clear. The Nikon D70 DSLR can run fully automatic or as a completely manual SLR and can be adjusted according to your preferences.

I generally leave my camera on automatic, but when I am taking still-life photographs I like to switch off the automatic focus as the camera cannot always adjust to the object I am photographing if it is too small or has too many different things that it can focus on (such as a close-up of several flowers).

The Nikon D70 camera takes excellent still life photographs, but can also perform very well as an action camera and can transition from indoor to outdoor shots easily.

I would recommend if you need to zoom a great distance away (over 50 feet) or need to use a macro setting to get a close up picture of a small object you will want to purchase a different lens.

Changing lenses is easy and the lens can work for any other automatic full-size Nikon camera that you own or purchase in the future. The biggest drawback with this camera is the fact that it is very large and bulky, which is not always convenient for quick family pictures or traveling.

It is an excellent camera for somebody who is more serious about photography than just a standard point-and-shoot snapshot camera that is easily brought on family trips or packed in a purse.

The Nikon D70 Digital Camera does need it’s own bag for travel and is not always convenient for family events that occur spontaneously, but it does provide you with excellent, high-quality pictures and can turn any novice into a pretty good photographer with a little work.

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