Nikon D3000: Picture Quality Is Excellent

Nikon D3000: Picture Quality Is Excellent

by Ashley
(Madison, WI)

I bought my Nikon D3000 from my local camera shop (The Camera Company) four months ago. This is an entry-level DSLR, my first non-compact camera. I absolutely love it. My primary subjects are my dogs: three, hyper, fast-moving dogs.

I often shoot in low light (inside at night) or extra-bright light...with my compact camera, I would miss the shot, it would be grainy from poor-performance high-ISO, or it would be blurry.

None of these is the case with my Nikon D3000. This bad boy is amazing. The performance in low light is amazing, both with the kit lens and my new 35mm f1.8 lens. Speed, clarity, focus accuracy...this camera is over-the-top. I shot a friend's wedding ceremony and family formals, and the outcome has been spectacular.

Picture quality is excellent. I love continuous capture mode - taking pictures of my dogs has never been easier. Battery life is long and plentiful, the Nikon D3000's image buffer is high, and the camera's onboard controls are well-placed and easy to figure out.

I'm not a pro. I've only had the camera for a few months. But if you're at all considering entering the DSLR world, this one is worth your money.

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