Nikon D50

Nikon D50

by Tyiler

The Nikon D50 completely changed the way I take photographs. This black, relatively light-weighted digital camera captures pictures excellently with my equipped Nikkor 18-135 lens.

It has numerous capturing modes such as person, landscape, face, moving, flower, action and professional scenery. Sometimes I even turn the camera into manual instead of automatic. This allows me to quickly take pictures at my expense.

I purchased this particular camera from a friend about a year ago and it has by far been the best decision I have made with a camera. I would say that in order to use the Nikon D50 digital camera to its fullest potential, take your photos outside in excellent sunlight.

Probably my favorite part of the Nikon D50 camera is its ability to capture photos in different sizes and types. If you would like to get more photos out of the camera, then you would take a Raw photo. But if you want the most clear picture, then you would take a JPEG Fine picture.

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