Nikon L100 - Good Basic Compact

Nikon L100 - Good Basic Compact

by Hasan Aslan
(Elkhart, Indiana, USA)

I bought a Nikon L100 because about a year ago I decided it was time I change my old digital camera with something new and cutting edge. I didn't have the money for DSLR's so I went for the better cameras in point and shoot section. After some consideration I bought A Nikon L100.

It lives up to its brand name for taking quality pictures. The thing is, everything is done by the camera automatically here. You can't even select iso or exposure time. There is bunch of different modes for different occasions and places. There are also an automatic and full automatic mode, in which the camera still decides for everything but automatic mode is giving you a bit freedom here and there...

My overall opinion about the Nikon L100 camera is: it works, it definately does it's job but if doing it your style is your style is your thing than this camera is not for you.

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