I Own The Nikon D3000

I Own The Nikon D3000

by Rachel Palmquist

I use a Nikon D3000, this is my new camera, I bought it in June in Fnac (Paris). As a student of photography I can say that after a long time thinking and using different cameras it was easy to choose Nikon. With other digital cameras I had a problem with the movement. It seems to me that they are very sensitive, and if I move a little bit my picture doesn't come out right.

With the Nikon D3000 I didn't have this problem, it's the only one, that was the main reason why I chose it, but also it fits perfectly in my hands, the dial control stays in a very easy position.

Just two things that I have a problem with, the focus and taking pictures at night or indoor. What I saw through the lens was perfectly focused sometimes, I mean a lot of times, the result is blurred.

I've already missed so many special moments because of this problem (I thought that I had a vision problem or something...even doctors were involved in this, but I asked some people try take photos and the results were the same.

I don't think the Nikon D3000 performs well when it comes to indoor and night pictures, first of all the flash is poor. If I take a photo in the automatic mode the light in the picture doesn't look right, but if I use the manual mode, specially in the night, I will have to change ISO, shutter speed, aperture and probably will have to use a tripod.

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