Nikon D200 - Absolutely Superb

Nikon D200 - Absolutely Superb

by Virginia Hill
(Billings, MT USA)

I purchased my Nikon D200 in 2007 after a relative provided me rave reviews of her Nikon D70 model she had purchased earlier. Knowing that her photography and photography equipment experience is well beyond my limited knowledge (and I am a stickler for obtaining good reviews on a product before I purchase) I decided to spend the money and get the next best thing to begin my learning experience. I have not been disappointed!

The Nikon D200 digital camera package I purchased came with software, a few accessories and great information on where to go to learn more and improve your skill and experience with this camera. The quality of the camera body and the resulting pictures has never failed to satisfy me beyond my expectations.

I primarily use my Nikon D200 at outdoor events and while traveling. With my limited background in taking digital photos I was concerned about complicated directions and having the patience to get past the anticipated learning curve but, NO... it was never difficult even for me as a novice.

Often, yes, I use "auto" mode but even then, I typically find praise for even the most spontaneous of shots.

Since my purchase of the Nikon D200, my spouse and I have upgraded to a Canon full frame DSLR (he is more experienced than I and sells photos as a sideline) but I am just as satisfied with my 2007 purchase and feel comfortable recommending it to the layman as well as a hobbyist or professional!

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