Nikon D90 Digital SLR

Nikon D90 Digital SLR

by Aimee Howell
(Mansfield, TX, USA)

I bought the Nikon D90 at Best Buy so that I could take better digital photos. I have kids that are in sports and I wanted to be able to use a camera that has a rapid shot. I love this camera. When I bought it I got two lens with it and I use both.

I think the Nikon D90 takes outside photos the best. I use it all the time for baseball action photos of my son. It has captured several fabulous photos. I got him in mid air catching a ball and everything in the photo is very clear. I also use this camera to take pictures of my daughters basketball games.

Indoors I have to change a lot of the settings on the Nikon D90 and the pictures are never as good as outside, but they are still better than a regular digital camera.

The bigger the indoor room is, it becomes more difficult to take great pictures. If the lighting is low some of the backgrounds in the photos become dark.

Indoor the rapid shooting on the Nikon D90 does not work as fast, but I still get great photos. I just adjust the ISO. My outdoor and still shots are Fabulous everytime with this camera. Any outdoor action shot always turns out great.

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