Nikon S70 - Touch Screen Is Not For Me

Nikon S70 - Touch Screen Is Not For Me

by Geraldine Norton
(Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

I own a Nikon S70 that I bought last year from Costco. Although, I really liked the camera when I first bought it, I have had many problems with it. After about 3 months of use I had to send it in for repairs for a broken lens. I’m very careful with my camera so it must be very fragile.

I originally thought I would really enjoy the camera because of its full touch screen but I ended up hating it and wishing there were normal buttons to press.

I consider myself pretty tech savvy but I still have trouble figuring out how to perform simple tasks like deleting groups of pictures instead of pictures one at a time. Many time my pictures come up blurry as well.

However, there are some features about the Nikon S70 I do enjoy. I really like the picture settings and it takes great indoor pictures and pictures in dark areas.

It doesn’t always take pictures as fast as I would like it to, but I have yet to have owned a camera that has.

All in all, the idea of the Nikon S70 digital camera is great but it needs a lot of work to become a great quality camera.

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