Sony Cybershot DSC

Sony Cybershot DSC

by Crystal Hudson
(Colorado, US)

I've had the first Sony Cybershot DSC since it first came out a few years ago. I received it as a gift, and over the time I've had it, have always been impressed with it's incredibly slim size, which has not compromised its performance.

A) I always liked that it flipped open and turned on extremely quickly - great for getting candid shots in a pinch.

B) It took GREAT pictures. I have some 30 inch prints I had blown up from a trip to Africa that people assume were taken by a professional photographer. In fact, they were taken with my Cybershot. The only problem I've had with the camera came recently, after I carried the camera with me in cold weather for 5 days. As I flipped it on more and more, the images began to appear hazy and off-color.

Eventually, I could not get the image to appear correctly at all. Now, the camera appears to be permanently damaged. I'd advice anyone with a Sony Cybershot travelling in cold weather to make sure they keep their camera warm and tucked away whenever possible.

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