Sony Cybershot W350 Compact Digital Camera

Sony Cybershot W350 Compact Digital Camera

by Vasilios Tsolakidis
(New York, NY, USA)

Sony CyberShot W350 Available From

Sony CyberShot W350 Available From

I have had the Sony CyberShot DSC-W350 for about a month. It has an astonishing 14.1 Megapixel capture ability, a 2.7 inch LCD screen, 4x optical zoom, a Carl Zeiss Lens, and also records video in 720p HD. Additionally, it has the sweep panorama function, which seems to be a new feature in many slim cameras and of courses its slim size is an advantage. It packs a punch in a small load – something we have to learn to appreciate these days.

In the past month I have used my Sony Cybershot W350 in most situations and my experiences are as follows:

Low light situations were excellent considering this model range. The camera has the NightShot infrared system which allows a photographer to get accurate data in almost zero light situations.

Of course the colors are compromised, but considering a situation where one need pictures in zero light, this camera will do the job. Regular light situations are superb as the Automatic functions of the camera do all the work.

There is no need to post-edit the images as I used to and the results are breathtaking. I also liked the Burst Mode that only works well in highly lit situations, but the quality was drastically reduced.

The additional panoramic feature on the Sony Cybershot W350 is excellent. If you have a steady hand and follow the instructions the camera generates an impressive panoramic shot that I was truly surprised with, even when I transferred it to my computer.

The Sony Cybershot W350 camera as I stated was also great for shooting video, but I would suggest getting a regular camera if video is your main focus. Video quality is great but zooming and panning was mediocre in my opinion, as the optical zoom is only 4x.

I purchased my camera from the online Sony store, where the shipping was swift, and the packing was sufficient.

All in all, for a compact digital camera, this model is superb. Some little extra perks are that the battery seems to be endless, and the 45MB internal memory is a plus. I would highly recommend the Sony CyberShot DSC-W350 camera to anyone who wants a camera in their pocket.

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