Sony Cyber-shot 2.0 - The Flash Isn't Great!

Sony Cyber-shot 2.0 - The Flash Isn't Great!

by Jake Button
(Missouri, US)

My camera is a Sony Cyber-shot 2.0, its a very well thought out camera. It works best in well lit areas, indoor or out doors it takes the perfect shots. The only bad place for it to be taking shots at is in dark outside areas, the flash won't go to far but it gets the job done inside.

It's a very sturdy frame, Ive dropped it a bunch of times and it only has 2-3 scratches on it, none to deep. It takes very detailed photos, and the zoom goes pretty far!

It does not drain your battery's to fast if your have the power saver on, but you cant really see the difference in it, besides just a smudge dimmer background light on the screen.

The screen does not attract to much dust or finger prints on it, it will just clean right off it! Ive had this camera for about four to five years now, and it still looks brand new! It has a nice shape on it to, fits very well in small hands.

I bought my Sony Cyber-shot online on E-Bay for about $20-$30. Pretty cheap for a camera this good! It also has a lens like a regular camera, so you can turn off the background light to save battery's!

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