Sony Cybershot 360

Sony Cybershot 360

by David Ravi

I bought this camera in Saudi Arabia which was priced at around 400 S.A.R. It’s a 12 megapixel camera with flash. I love to use this camera for my personal and family shoots.

The unique feature that attracted me to buy this product was the 270 degree photo capture which is great if you are doing a session at a party where the crowd is big and you want all of them to be in one frame.

Well during the usage of this digital camera I have found that the exposure during night is a little different from my other cameras, any ways I have enjoyed the use of this camera and so has my family.

Well SONY definitely lived up to its name in cameras, my family loves the prints of each photo because they are really sharp and clear, our greatest possession so far is the digital camera which I always wanted to have and am very proud to, I would seriously suggest my friends to make this a must in their travel kit too.

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David Coote
Wedding Photographer
Northern Ireland