Sony Alpha A100, A200, A330 and A850

Sony Alpha A100, A200, A330 and A850

by Chuck
(Arvada, CO)

I purchased my first Sony Alpha digital camera, the A100 after amassing quite a collection of Minolta lenses and wanted to continue using that glass.

After seeing the quality of the photograph that was produced using the digital medium, I was sold. I was taking pictures that were every bit as vibrant as I did when using film.

Soon after, I was given a Sony A200. Though a newer model, it still shot about the same as the A100 with possibly a little more speed. While shooting weddings it was nice to have both cameras fitted with my favorite lenses.

I sold the A100 and used the proceeds to purchase the Alpha A850. I have never owned such a fine camera. Full frame, vibrancy that is incomparable and a viewfinder that one can fall into.

The A330, I purchased and gave to my wife. It shoots beautifully and renders photographs as well as any Sony camera. I am impressed with the whole line of Sony Alpha DSLRs.

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