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Tips And Techniques For Shooting Better Glamour, Boudoir & Sensual Portrait Photography

Sensual portrait photography from the subject’s perspective is all about expressing the ‘inner you’. You want to convey a message through your poses and interact with the viewer.

Some areas of sensual photography overlap slightly with glamour and boudoir photography.

I think the main difference is that sensual shots portray more love and feeling and are usually more tasteful than boudoir shots. They tend to leave more to the viewer’s imagination. I find the best place to shoot a sensual portrait is usually indoors, in a bedroom or living room with soft furnishings that look warm and inviting.

Sensual Portrait Photography - Beautiful Woman
Photo by DreamShots

The subject has to feel comfortable and at ease. As most sensual photography is taken tastefully naked or semi-naked, then the environment has to be cosy and relaxed.

Sensual portrait photography uses the same basic principals as standard indoor or outdoor portrait photography.

The most important aspect of any portrait photography is the correct lighting. As you will most likely be shooting indoors, you should have a backdrop (usually white) and a couple of lights with soft-boxes to warm and diffuse the light.

Sensual Portrait Photography - Loving Couple
Photo by Joao Schmidt

If it’s a couple being photographed, they want to express their love for each other and have a timeless reminder of it framed on the wall where everyone can see it.

It is really important with these portraits to get the right pose. Some couples have a sensual portrait taken for a special wedding anniversary or maybe when they are expecting their first child.

Sensual Portrait Photography - Loving Couple Outside
Photo by Jezebel0143

Jezebel0143 writes, the story behind the photo is that the boyfriend was moving away to hawaii for school the following day and even though they loved each other very much, they knew it meant an end to their relationship. They are young and have a lot of life to live, and that outweighed anything else. It was a "good bye, I will always love you".

Another beautiful loving couple pose like this is one where the male is standing behind the pregnant female and they both are looking at her stomach with both their hands placed on it.

You can make this type of pose look more warm and tender if the couple are in their underwear revealing their touching skin.

Sensual Portrait Photography - Beautiful Woman On Floor
Photo by Melanie E. Photography

If an individual is getting their portrait taken, then they usually want to create a special gift for someone else.

They may have a loved one serving with the forces overseas or are searching for something unique to give their partner as a wedding present.

Some might even just want to see themselves from a different perspective.

Whether it’s glamour, tasteful nude, sexy or romantic, they want to express themselves sensually through the picture.

Sensual Portrait Photography - Very Sexy Lady
Photo by Kaoscube

This is one of my favorite sensual poses. The photographer has shown some great technique in capturing this woman's beauty.

You can see her neck line exposed leading to her curvy chest. Her beautiful long hair is draped down her back and her eyes are closed and her lips pouted.

She is feeling good about herself and oozing with sensuality. A delightfully tasteful, yet very arousing pose.

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