Bald can be a Photographers Nightmare!

Bald can be a Photographers Nightmare!

by Celeste

I was invited to shoot a wedding in the off shoot of Hurricane Ivan.

The advice I want to give is very simple. Make sure if the groom (or anyone at the wedding) is bald, that they have a background to their head.

Whether it is trees, a brick wall, it doesn't matter. If the gentleman is bald and it is a cloudy day, his head can be lost in the back ground.

Both making it look like his head is never ending, and can destroy an otherwise fantastic image.

It may seem like silly advice, but TRUST ME! I learned the hard way but was fortunate to catch it in the shoot instead of when the wedding was over.

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Great Advice!
by: Mark McKnight

That's not silly advice at all, it's a great tip.

You could even apply it to any sort of portrait pictures you are taking.

Thanks for being the first to share a wedding photography tip with us.

It would have been great to see the picture that you took, but I think the message is clear enough without it also.

Thanks again.

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