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Try These Tops Tips For Taking Digital Photography

Just a few tips for taking digital photography. The most important digital photography tip is to understand your digital camera.

Read the manual or watch a tutorial DVD for your model of digital camera. Get to know the settings your camera offers and the differences they make to your pictures when you change them one at a time.

Another one of the best tips for taking digital photography is always use a tripod. Carry one with you as much as you can in order to get shots that are as clear and focused as they can be.

Don't be afraid to ask...

Join a few online photography groups or forums and ask plenty of questions. If you want to know how to take landscape shots like the pro’s, ask the question at the forums.

Subscribe to a photography magazine. You will get lots of inspiration by looking at what other photographers are shooting as well as some top digital photography tips.

Join your local photography club. Partner up with one of the more experienced photographers and learn all their little tricks and techniques.

Depending on where you are taking your photographs, outdoors or indoors, try adjusting your white balance. Use the presets such as cloudy, sunny, tungsten light, etc.

You digital camera can get confused sometimes depending on the type of lighting you are shooting in. It can cause pictures to look cold when outdoors or give them an orange tinge under artificial light.

Make sure your composition is right...

Learn how to compose your shot correctly using the ‘rule of thirds’. It makes your pictures much more interesting for the viewers.

If you're taking a picture of your friend, with a baseball hat on, standing in front of a light, use a flash to take the shadow away from their face. i.e. taking a picture outdoors on a sunny day with your subject in front of the sun.

If you take the shot without a flash, their face will be dark with the shadow from the peak of the baseball hat. Use flash-fill to eliminate this.

When taking landscape shots, try taking the shot in portrait. Just because you are shooting a landscape doesn’t mean you can’t hold your camera vertically.

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